The Expresso Scrub

If you're on social media, you'll probably have noticed that the Mr Bean Coffee Scrub has been making the rounds with the hashtag #getbeaned and I was incredibly excited when a little email landed in my inbox asking if I would review the Mandarin scrub! As a self confessed coffee lover, I was unable to refuse!

To be honest, the scrub looks like ground coffee and if it wasn't for the soft scent of oranges wafting from the bag, it could be easily confused for coffee (keep it away from the kitchen or you may find yourself sleepily tipping it into your cafe tiere!) It's a really great texture for a scrub and isn't too abrasive - I found adding a little bit of water to the scrub made it more durable and a bit easier to use! I don't think my flatmates would be amused if there was coffee all over the bathroom.

The scrub contains coconut oil, vitamin E and sea salt and I was most attracted to the vitamin E which helps improve skin quality and reduces stretch marks! I can imagine this being perfect for those of you that fake tan as it really does buff all the dead skin away - in the most attractive way possible!

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