Vanilla Velvet

[Dress: Blue Vanilla* | Jacket: H&M]

I was fortunate enough to have this little Blue Vanilla dress* land on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago and unfortunately due to moving and the lack of a photographer, I've been learning to use the self timer setting on my camera and well, just haven't had the time to take these photos! (So please excuse the lack of feet, I'm still working out my room and general photo with tripodness)

This dress is honestly so gorgeous, the top part is velvet and so soft - with gorgeous straps but as per usual, I hate showing my shoulders. The dress almost looks like a top tucked into your standard black pencil skirt but it's a dress! It's an amazing length and isn't too short - I can imagine it would be almost knee length on most people but as I'm a bit tall, it came just above my knee!

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