Top 5 New Look Gift Picks

Tis the season of gift guides and I've already suggested several different things but if you still can't find the perfect gift, try New Look. New Look is one of my favourite shops (not only because they stock size 9 footwear) but because they're always on trend and generally stock things for people of various shapes and sizes! They've also recently released a new beauty line which is pretty brilliant!

But they also have just launched a brilliant Gift Generator which helps give you suggestions of things to buy for your loved ones! I was asked to have a bit of a play and come up with my top five gift picks! Simply click on the category that applies best and it comes up with ideas - which is how I came up with my top five gifts - saves so much time trawling through websites and if you still haven't come up with your christmas presents, time is of the essence!

The ones included in the guide are all from the Secret Santa collection from the generator which means they're not overly expensive and suit most people - however, they do have age specific options for both male and female so you can really narrow down your search!

Above you'll find a range of gifts to suit each person from the best friend who loves a good pair of novelty pyjamas to the friend who loves a bit of bling on a bag - there is something for everyone from a range of prices.

I hope you've been inspired from this post and may have come up with a couple of ideas! But don't forget to have a play on the gift generator as it really is fun and very helpful!

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