Prom Memories

It's hard to believe that these pictures are from my sixth form days (over two years ago!). Prom was a massive deal in school despite the fact that we had one in year eleven, year twelve and year thirteen (notice I haven't included a picture from year eleven *cringe*) - it was still important. The dress, the hair, the makeup and did I mention the dress? It was always held at a fancy hotel and was probably the most exciting thing to happen in the relatively quiet place that I lived in.

But it was great. Once you'd seen all your friends, admired each others dresses and generally squealed at the boys in suits, it was time for prom to begin and the nights were always brilliant. It was very glamorous and was akin to the Oscars of my school. But of course, it was full of memories - and although I shall always cringe at the photos, they're incredible memories. In someways, the best part of prom was the getting ready - getting my hair done and doing my makeup was so therapeutic and theres no denying that at the time, I felt like a princess.

Alas, the dress was the main event. For my very first prom, I went with the standard sleeveless a-line dress with a bit of sparkle. The dress was a midnight blue and it's still hanging up in my wardrobe! My hair was in a classic half up, curly style and this was the night I did my first ever smokey eye. In my first year of sixth form I wore a tiered, purple dress and some painful heels! And for my final prom, I wore an off the shoulder scarlet dress which was so lovely! And of course, it had a bit of sparkle.

But prom season is rolling round again (I can't believe March is almost over?) so have you got your dress yet? Dresses can be so overpriced, so I highly recommend having a look over at New Look which I'm sure you can tell is one of my favourite brands! The dresses are stunning and won't cost you an arm and a leg! I love this Sequinned number!

What were some of your favourite prom memories?

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