The Khaki & Leather Outfit

Wow. A style post? What is wrong with me? What's happening? I know, I know. It's been close to six months since my last fashion-esque post but that has been because I am no longer living where I used to so no longer have my photographer in residence. But, my lovely neighbour Nadia has been a superstar! So here we go.

I know this is nothing revolutionary, let's face it, it is a jumper and jeans but there is something about the variety of textures that makes it a little (only a little) bit different and that is the coated jeans. I have no idea how these ended up in my wardrobe but they are so comfortable and make an outfit a little bit fancier than simple black jeans (I'm sorry but I don't know where they are from either because it doesn't have a label). 

The coat is a winter staple; it's a wool boyfriend coat from Topshop which is not particularly special but it is so cozy and warm and fits even the thickest of jumpers beneath it. Plus it didn't break the bank, just keep an eye out on this website for the best offers available at Topshop and you'll grab a bargain. The shoes are the newest edition to my wardrobe and are New Look textured Slip-Ons which are so wonderfully comfortable! The whole outfit is a standard for me, comfortable, warm (remember, it's Manchester) and still looks relatively put together which is a win in my books!

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